Opened & Closed Column Work

December Opened & Closed


Dedicated to providing healthy alternatives that are good for you and the environment, Evolve Apothecary on Hope St wants to introduce you to natural products for your skin, as well as candles, perfumes and cleaning items. And just a warning: You may feel like you should be putting some of their beautiful multicolored soaps on display instead of using them to clean your hands.

Barrington Books, a long-independent bookstore in — you guessed it — Barrington, is opening a new location at the Garden City Center in Cranston called Barrington Books Retold! That means more book signings, more performances and more space for you to peruse.

Wraps, burgers, curly fries and wings galore, Jr’s Providence is ready to satisfy your late-night cravings since they’re open until 4am daily. And the best part is … they deliver! So no more will you wonder where to get a decent sandwich at 3 in the morning after your shenanigans.

If you want a little taste of Barcelona with locally sourced ingredients, your prayers to the restaurant gods have been answered by Vinya Tapas. It’s BYOB, so feel free to bring your favorite bottle of wine to have with some olives, ham, shrimp or any other delicious options on the menu.

A new casual and clever restaurant opened in Greenville, and it’s ready to serve up anything from puns to fish tacos. Cook and Dagger on Route 44 is serving up a menu with global influences from Italy, Asia and Spain, as well as artisanal cocktails all full of fresh ingredients.

Opening last month, Moe’s in East Providence is your newest source for burritos, tacos, quesadillas and bunches of other southwest-inspired foods. With menu options with names like Art Vandalay and Taco Called Wanda, and vegetarian and pescatarian options scattered throughout the menu, you’ll have a food baby in no time.


The Decatur Social Club at 245 Carpenter St on Providence’s West Side has shut its doors once again following a police raid. Owners and brothers Joseph and Richard Tiberi have been arrested on gambling-related charges, following up on charges in 2010 for being part of Operation Club Med. The Italian-American social club has been revived before and it just might happen again at some point in the future.

Founded in 1898, Palmieri’s Bakery recently closed its doors at its final East Greenwich location, after closing both its PVD locations several months ago. After more than 100 years of business, it will be sorely missed on Federal Hill and in the parts of our hearts that crave cannolis and cakes.

Another story in the Fed Hill history books, and once a hotspot for celebrities frequenting the city, Restaurant Mediterraneo and its Italian Brunch Buffet have seen their last days in PVD after the owner received an offer he couldn’t refuse. Don’t fret, though, some of the menu options will be available at a new price in other locations in the area owned by the same restaurant group.

If you’re into the skate scene in RI, bad news. Impact: Action Sports Park, RI’s only only indoor skate park for BMX sports and skateboarding in West Warwick is closing down for good. After about a year of business, BMX pro and owner of the park, Kevin Robinson, is moving on to other things.

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